Help required abt buildrunner

Hi All,

           We are using the ClearCase as a VCS and we have a couple of projects in Visual studio 2005. I have configured the couple of
projects to TeamCity. I have a few doubts about the build runner settings. I have selected the sln2005 as a build runner and i entered the
solution path. In the NunitTests settings, i have selected the Nunit 2.4.8 and entered the test dll name there.

I dont get any error message, when i run the test cases from my machine. I have installed the build agents on different machines.
When i tried to run the test cases from other build agent, i am getting the following error.

Cannot find build file by path specified in build configuration settings: 'c:\Tests\ka185027_Tesing_TCity_view\tdnetdp\Tests\DataIntegrity\DataIntegrityTests.sln' (absolute path on agent).
Please check that specified path is correct.

Suppose if i choose Msbuild as buildrunner, where can i specify the msbuild script file and
how to mention the nunit test case details.

I am new to TeamCity ,Please help me

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