Ensure dependent builds executed in serial?

Hi community,

I was wondering if there is any way to ensure that a set of dependent builds are executed in serial.

If I have the following chain of dependent builds (with artifact dependencies):

Build A > Build B > Build C

...is there any way that I can ensure that Build C and Build A are never executing at the same time, despite there being available and compatible agents?

We're using TeamCity 4 build 8080.


Josh Chisholm
BBC Worldwide

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There are two possible solutions:
- combine these builds by snapshot dependency (but in this case these builds also will have sources taken on the same moment of time and I would suggest to upgrade to 4.0.2 version)
- upgrade to 4.1 EAP and use read write lock plugin to ensure that Build A and Build C do not run in parallel

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Great. Thanks Pavel.


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