Duplicate checker only checks same folder/namespace

It seems that the duplicate checker for .net is only checking for duplicated code that is in the same folder and/or namespace. Is that true? If so, is there a way that we can configure it to check all code in the project for duplicates?


Dan Lash

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I've noticed this too.   The duplicate checker only appears to compare the duplicated code with code written within the same namespace.

Thats frustrating because typically our developers are attentive enough to abstain from writing identical code within the project that they're working on, but they don't necessarily have a broader picture of all the code that's been written.   Thus, we have no mechanism for retrieving duplicated code that's independantly authored in seperate projects.

Is there a way to configure this feature so that it ignores scopes when it checks for duplicates?

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I've checked our internal duplicates builds. We have duplicates residing in different namespaces and folders.

Could you provide minimal source set to reproduce the problem?


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