How to use eclipse plugin with Pre-test when VCS checkout mode is "Do not checkout files automatically"


I had to choose VCS checkout mode "Do not checkout files automatically" because of my job's requirement.

When I choose this one, I found that the Pre-test function is out of work. The remote build still depends on the exsit code. My change is not work. But the same build configures is working well if I choose the VCS checkout mode "Automatically on server".

I don't know how to kill it. Does Pre-test NOT be supported for this option?

I'll preciate with all your help.

Thanks a lot!


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If you choose "Do not checkout files automatically" then most likely files are checked out by your build script. TeamCity can't interfere with this process and cannot apply personal build patch to your sources because your build is already running. Moreover some files can be locked and thus cannot be updated. So it is not feasible right now.


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