TeamCity recognizes no changes in my VSS project

I have configured TeamCity with a Visual SourceSafe 2005 SP1 project.

When I manually start a build everything works fine. TeamCity gets the complete (and latest) project sources recursivly, builds the projects and publishes my artifacts.
But it shows "No changes" - and build triggering via checkins doesn't work either.

My VSS path is $/Sources/Objects/Rel/

Best regards,

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Could you please addach a screenshot of you VSS VCS root settins.
Does 'Test connection' button succeedes?
Could you please check TeamCity running user account have full access to VSS shared folder.

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Hi Eugene,

Yes. Test connection succeeds. And TeamCity is getting all sources during the build.
TeamCity runs with my local Administrator Account and has full rights on the share.

The only problem is that it doesn't show the changes and the checkin trigger doesn't work.



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Could you please start vss tool from commandline.
For that, please do the following:
  - Copy TC-VSS-NATIVE*.exe from <TC server>/temp folder
  - start the tool with followgin commandline:
     tc-vss-native.exe /log A B <path to srcsafe.ini> /login:<login> /password:<password> histroy $/<path> 1238158191288

The latest parameter is a java time of the current time. You could set any time you want.
Changes will be collected from that time up to now.

please attach A and A.logs.txt

I've created an issue in our tracer for the problem. Could you please post you reply and files to it.



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