A stable environment upgrade toTeamCity to v4 + Eclipse + SubVersion + JDK

  I am regular user of your excellent product. So far I have been using TeamCity server via Eclipse to submit changes to a SubVersion repository of an Open Source project. The configuration was stable till TeamCity server was upgraded. I had then also upgraded other tools (Eclipse IDE, Subversion Ecliipse plug-in and Subversion Client). Of course, now it is no more working. I am trying to figure out what combinations will work with TeamCity 4 and JDK 6 as these two upgrades are not in my control while rest of the upgrades are my choice.
   The problem I encounter is as follows:
   a) I have a Eclipse Project X checked out from a Subversion Repository.
   b) TeamCity Remote Run synchronizes every artifacts of the Eclipse project X. That includes all *.class files or any other derived targets generated as part of build that are not in the Subversion repos at the first place.
   c) configuring subversion to ignore these artifacts with svn:ignore proerty did not change the effect
   d) the 'Remote Run' (either from the TeamCity menu or from TemCity Remote Run View) goes on synchronizing everything with 'Updating path/to/some/project/file.class...". Of course that takes a long time and then it gives up silently -- meaning does not come up with the dialog box that used to submit the Remote Run with all the changed files.

Here is the pre- and post- upgrade configuration

JDK                                : 1.5            1.6
Eclipse IDE                      : 3.2           3.4
TeamCity Server               : 3.x           4.0
Team Eclipse Plugin         : 3.x           4.0
Subversion Client              : 1.4           1.6
Subversion Eclipse Plugin :  1.4           1.6

   Any help is much appreciated. And thank you again for an excellent product that help my work everyday.

   Regards --

Pinaki Poddar
Apache OpenJPA Project Management Committee Member & Committer
JPA Expert Group Member

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Hi Pinaki,

You are true the TC Eclipse 4.0 had bugs you are reported. There 3 related issues in our tracker and their curent states:

Ignored resources hint: http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker/issue2/TW-6993?query=TW-6993 Fixed
Optionally synchronization befor Remote Run: http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker/oldIssue/TW-7134 Fixed (You can switch off synchronization Preferences\TeamCity\RemoteRun)
SVN 1.6 support: http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker/oldIssue/TW-7791 Open (We are going to support 1.6 in TeamCity 4.1)

So, you can try to upgrade your TeamCity to revision contains fixes important to you. Let us know if something wrong.



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