Tray Notifier Potential Memory Leak?

We exclusively use TC-Enterprise Version 4.0 EAP (build 7388) for our CI. We have 29 build configurations currently and we are always adding more to TC.

We all have the Windows Tray notifiers, and after about a week or so it starts to eat up 60-70mb of RAM (as far as task manager is concerned). If I kill the process and restart it, it drops to about 25mb of RAM and stays there for awhile. It looks like you are using the IE ActiveX control, so I don't think the number of build configurations would have a direct impact on memory usage,

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There are no known memory leaks in the tray notifier as well in the JavaScript code used by page shown in the tray notifier. Do you see constantly increasing memory usage or you just think that notifier uses too much memory? In fact most of the notifier memory is used by IE, so if memory usage is constantly increasing then there is probably a bug in the notifier in other case I think there is a little we can do.

Pavel Sher

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One of my coworkers just brought this to my attention.  We're using Build 8222 (4.0.2) of TeamCity Professional.  The tray notifier was chewing up ~250M of memory on his box, but he doesn't shut it off at night or on the weekends.

Looks like there's something in there that doesn't free memory correctly.  If you open the Quick View window and then hit refresh repeatedly, the memory used by the Tray Notifier climbs about 400K or so each refresh.  When you close the window, it'll release some of the memory, but doesn't drop all the way down to where it was previously.  I'm guessing that the more notifications you have configured for the tray notifier and the less you reboot your machine, the more noticable it will be.

BTW, I'm running XP Pro SP3 32-bit, IE 8 RTM on a Dell Precision T3400 if that helps any.



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