Manual Cleaning of the TC server

I am facing problems where TC cleaning is taking for ever. Actually what happened is that

1) I deleted some projects (3-4)
2) for some reason the routine cleanup had to be aborted (due to non TC problems).
3) Now TC has more artificats/messages then the current projects
4) Last time even after 12 hours the cleaning was not completed (usually before that it took less then an hour)

So for now I have disabled the cleaning.

Is there a way to "manually" delete the directories containing artifacts/messages etc. The history is not so important for us i.e. we dont track it etc.

which all directories shall be deleted ?

Thanks a lot

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What version of TeamCity do you use?

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TC 4.0 build 8080


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Please try to install this build:
It contains fixes only as well as cleanup speedup.


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