VCS Build Triggering Issues

I'm having problems getting the VCS builder triggers to work correctly. I am using perforce as my VCS and I have read the documentation, I can't get it to work correctly.

I have tried:



-://client mapping/branches/**
-:/client mapping/branches/**
-:client mapping/branches/**


Can someone please help?
Do I need to stop and re-start team city for the changes to take effect?
Has anyone successfully used VCS build triggering with perforce?

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I use a custom client mapping to only check out folders I need for building and testing.

For example, if your custom client mapping is...
//depot/branches/main/... //team-city-agent/branches/main/...

The TeamCity workspace is rooted at //team-city-agent so make sure your triggers use a relative path from that point.


To not trigger on changes made inside the folder2 folder you would set your ignore pattern to

Remember that TeamCity will see the changes in the folder, and it will report Pending changes for the build, but it just won't trigger the build until something outside of folder2 changes. This can be useful for XML files, or *.properties files that aren't worth a full build, or would not affect the compilation and tests, but are required in the build artifacts.


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