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Hi all,

I am new to TeamCity.  I have a massive number of TC builds to setup.  I was going to setup a build builder.  This would be a build in TC that created other TC builds given some paramters at build time:

1. Create SVN branches
2. Create SVN drift reports
3. Provision web site for staging this branch
4. Provision 4 team city builds
     1. Development loop
     2. QA/Code complete build.
     3. Staging build
     4. Production build
5. Provision a project in my defect tracker.

Question:  How do I script TC or make REST/WebServices calls to automate the TC portion of the outlined provisioning?


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There are two possble ways:
1) Create / modify projects right in the .BuildServer/config directory. TeamCity should pick up new projects automatically.
2) Create custom plugin, probably with some UI which will do the same, read more here:

If you choose the first way, take a look at project-config.dtd file: at the moment this is the only documentation for TeamCity configuration files.


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