Ability to launch several runners within an unique build


It should be a good idea (inspired form the Hudson freestyle jobs) to add the ability to put as much runners commands witihn a build as we want. So we should be able to put every steps from the continuous build under an unique build conf, and the same for the other builds.

Best regards,

Xavier Seignard

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I agree with you.
It would be the same "step" feature as Anthill Pro.

More flexibility.


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Agreed as well, I think that the "TeamCity way" to accomplish this would be to define new build configurations within a project, then tie them together with snapshot and/or aritfact dependencies. I'm currently doing this to create a chain like so:

1. Build/UnitTest configuration
2. IntegrationTest configuration
3. Code Inspections configuration
4. Duplicates Finder configuration

Using snapshot dependencies to tie them to the same point in time in the VCS. The Integration Test also pulls the build artifacts from the Build/UnitTest configuration and runs only the Integration tests phases of the build, even though they both check out the same VCS root.

It would be better for newbies to have a more GUI oriented way of doing this, since I only just discovered the "build chain" display on the Dependencies tab a few days ago, although I've been using them for a while now. It would be better to move this information directly into the Depenencies settings page, so folks can visualize it.

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Hi ryan!
This is what I do too.
But the idea I have is not for this purpose, it is in order to group steps from the same building chain.
As a result we will be able to create a build which is the continuous build, another one the daily build, the weekly build and so on.



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Yes, I think we all agree that this feature matches a real need.

As chaining Builds with dependencies implies:
- some noise, from a user point of view, as a Build would be a combination of multiple technical Build configurations
- source control management tool solicitation sometimes useless
- Build configurations consuming, limited to 20 in the free edition




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