Username mappings are ignored

Hi all,

I recently installed Teamcity 4.0.2. as our CI server for our project.
Everyting works fine, except one thing: username mapping; the feature where usernames, of the VCS (CVS) were mapped to the real TeamCity users.
TeamCity seems to ignore the mapping when viewing the 'changes' of a specific build.
Now only the CVS username is shown, while I would expect the TeamCity user name.  (the same name as when you would see when someone took responsibility for a failing build)
I'm quite sure it worked at my previous projects (TeamCity 3).

Am I missing something?



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Indeed TeamCity shows VCS usernames for changes. However it does not mean that mapping does not work. Actually, you can check whether mapping works or not on the My Changes page: if mapping works for your username you will see your changes on this page.

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The mapping seems to work, since I can see my changes in the 'My Changes' tab..
What is the reason for not showing the full user name in TeamCity?
When cryptic VCS usernames are used, it is difficult to pinpoint the user that did cause the failure..(Not that we want to shoot at the guy ... )

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We have issue in our tracker to show user full name instead of VCS username. There is a problem however: what to do if several TeamCity users correspond to the same VCS username. Probably we can show first matched, or leave VCS username in this case. Anyway this issue is not fixed yet, feel free to vote/watch:


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