Problem with SVN working copy using buildnumber-maven-plugin


I've recently introduced the buildnumber-maven-plugin in our Maven build.

I'm facing a problem that can be easily resumed with the following  failed build log:

[06:45:42] Clean build enabled: removing old files from /usr/local/buildAgent/work/c553c77398338b70
[06:45:42] Clearing temporary directory: /usr/local/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp
[06:45:42] Checkout directory: /usr/local/buildAgent/work/c553c77398338b70
[06:45:50] Loading changed files from server...
[06:46:21] MAVEN_OPTS = -server -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Dbuild.number=175 -Dagent.home.dir=/usr/local/buildAgent -Dteamcity.idea.home=/usr/local/buildAgent/plugins/idea -Duser.home=/root -Dfile.separator=/ -Dagent.flow=3612884236837111 -Dbuild.vcs.number.1=3129 -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dteamcity.projectName=alpha2 -Dteamcity.auth.userId=TeamCityBuildId=608 -Dteamcity.auth.password=q5ePrUVwAYgCSfQQAEpcZh5hVwr18wdZ -Duser.timezone=Europe/Paris -Dteamcity.agent.cpuBenchmark=412 -Dpath.separator=: -Dos.version=2.6.27-9-generic -Dbuild.vcs.number.alpha2=3129 -Duser.language=en -Dos.arch=i386 -Dbuild.number.format={0} -Dbuild.vcs.number=3129
[06:46:21] M2_HOME = /opt/local/maven
[06:46:21] PATH = /opt/local/maven/bin:/opt/local/maven/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin
[06:46:21] JAVA_HOME = /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
[06:46:22] [INFO] Scanning for projects...
[06:46:22] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[06:46:22] [INFO] Building alpha2
[06:46:22] [INFO]    task-segment: [package]
[06:46:22] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[06:46:23] [WARNING] Attempting to build MavenProject instance for Artifact (org.codehaus.mojo:buildnumber-maven-plugin:1.0-beta-3-20090414.214556-8) of type: maven-plugin; constructing POM artifact instead.
[06:46:25] Downloading: http://allence:8081/artifactory/repo/net/java/dev/jna/jna/3.0.5/jna-3.0.5.pom
[06:46:26] Downloading: http://allence:8081/artifactory/repo/net/java/dev/jna/jna/3.0.5/jna-3.0.5.pom
[06:46:27] [INFO] [buildnumber:create {execution: default}]
[06:46:27] [INFO] Change the default 'svn' provider implementation to 'javasvn'.
[06:46:27] [INFO] Checking for local modifications: skipped.
[06:46:27] [INFO] Updating project files from SCM: skipped.
[06:46:27] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[06:46:27] [ERROR] BUILD ERROR
[06:46:27] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[06:46:27] [INFO] Cannot get the revision information from the scm repository :
[06:46:27] Exception while executing SCM command.
[06:46:27] svn: '/usr/local/buildAgent/work/c553c77398338b70' is not a working copy

The local check out of the project doesn't seem to be an SVN working copy and as such the buildumber plugin can't invoke a 'svn info' on the local copy.
This is all the plugin needs to figure the SVN revision.
I'll have to disable the plugin for the TeamCity build, but I'd like to understand why the local check out (is it actually an SVN check out?) isn't considered as a working copy??


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You should change checkout mode on the VCS settings page of your build configuration to "Automatically on agent".


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