Copy Dependent DLL's From Source Folder


I'm a TC newbie and have got a TC setup using TFS like so:


TeamCity is setup to build Project1.

  • VCS Root is $Root/Project1

Therefore it copies all the code from $Root/Project1 and builds a solition $Root/Project1/Project1.sln.

But because Project1 references DLL's in the Libs folder like Libs/NHibernate/NHibernate.dll
and these files are not copied down I get a build error.

I dont want the VCS to be  $Root because it will copy down all the projects. Is there a way to pull down the DLL's
under Libs as a depdendency. And only copy them down when something has changed??


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If you are using server side checkouts, you can change the VCS to be $Root and then use the checkout rules to exclude/include the directories you want.
See for details.


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