root VCS and build triggring \ missing "Add Trigger Dialog" in TC 4.5 ?

We are using TeamCity Enterprise Version 4.5 (build 8944). We just recently bought enterprise license and I am still learning TC and trying to figure out the best setup for our company.

Here is a sample of setup I would like to discuss:

     - PROJ1
     - PROJ2
     - PROJ3 (should not be part of TC)
     - PROJn

Not all of the projects are going to be part of the TC / CI.

So I want to create one VCS pointed to the root and using triggers for different build configurations:

1) I set up VCS and pointed it to the root: REPO.
2) I set up Trigger for PROJ1 and set up checkout rules for root VCS :

3) Commiting some changes in PROJ1 the build is triggered as expected.
4) Now when I Commit some change in PROJ3 , I see (Pending 1) in the TC / PROJ1 build configuration. The build was not triggered as expected. The problem here is that Pending should not be displayed bacuase of the chackout rules.
5) Now I commit in the PROJ1 and build is triggered and pending change from 4) is included in the triggered build.

As far as I understand "checkout rules" don't work properly or something wrong with my setup / config.

I found this post where Yegor Yarko replies:

"So if you filter out changes by checkout rules they are not shown as pending and do not trigger a build."

In my case Pendings are shown and included in the next triggered build.

Also I do not see "Add Trigger Dialog" in 4.5. It is removed from this release? :

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Checkout rules do not support wildcards. But I think in your case it is not necessary. Try to setup the following rules:

In this case only PROJ1 sources will be taken

As for "Add trigger dialog", are you sure you have selected Schedule tab? Can you provide a screenshot?

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Your answer solve my problem.
There is no need to send a screenshot - the dialog "Add trigger dialog" is there.
I was looking in the wrong place.
As I said I am still learning TC. It is very good product.

Thanks a lot!


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