Project path question

I have some questions concerning paths in TeamCity

let's imagine that we have an svn repo svn://domain/repo with branches/tags/trunk and many different projects in trunk, i.e.

I want to make build only for some projects on build server (e.g. proj2 and proj4) which have similar configuration - build.xml as ant runner and /out/bin as output artifacts folder, and I also want to have esy extensibility - i.e. ability to add new projects via cloning rather that configuring from scratch.

So my questions are:
1) How to checkout only some folders and not whole repo? At the moment I have svn://domain/repo as shared repo + 2 checkout rules for every project (-:. and +:trunk/projX), but maybe there are better way to do this? Unfortunately whole SVN(expecially with branches) is too big to be checkouted.
2) How to make relative paths for project so I can use build.xml for ant runner and /out/bin for build artifacts rather than /trunk/projX/build.xml and /trunk/projX/out/bin?

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Hello Ildar,

  I suppose your checkout rules should look like:

trunk/proj1 => .

  In this case, you can use build.xml in Ant runner (given that it is located in trunk/proj1/build.xml).

  Does is answer your question?


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ough, I should guess this myself..
thank you, that is exactly what I need!


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