Configure watched builds in Windows Tray Notifier is not working in TC 4.5 (build 8944)

We installed TC 4.5 on a new server, we had previously run 4.0.2 on another server. The data directory and database were moved from the old server to the new one.

When I select "Configure watched builds" from the Windows Tray Notifier menu, the web page that is displayed is broken. The following error is reported in the browser:

BS is not defined

Seems like there is some Javascript library references that is missing.

Anyone experienced the same problem with TC 4.5?

Thanks in advance,

Petter Wigle
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This bug was already reported. It will be fixed in 4.5.1 which we hope to release soon. You can also install this build: - it has bugfixes only and can be considered as 4.5.1 RC.


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