Long delay in detecting pending changes

Hi all,
I'm using TeamCity 4.0.1 with VSS 6.0d and Visual Studio 2008 solution files. I setup a project with a few build configuration for seperate solutions.

The problem is that TeamCity takes a while (sometimes more than 20 minutes) to detect changes in VSS to trigger the build. Even after I check in the code in VSS and trigger build manually after a few minutes, TeamCity still fails to get the latest version from VSS and build from its own latest detection which is "No change at all". Do you know what might cause this issue? Is this a known bug?

Ali Bolourian

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It is known that performance of VSS changes collection is slow.
The performance depends on the acceess speed to VSS share.
If tool has failed to report changes, please elaborate it.

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Could you please attach teamcity-vcs.log that is at <server>/logs folder.

Do you have same time/timezone for machine where commit was done and server machine?



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