Obtaining Artifacts from an Archive

I've installed the new release 4.5 especially to get the zip artifact feature.
Now following that documentation http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/TCD4/Patterns+For+Accessing+Build+Artifacts, I'm trying to figure out the url.

When I'm trying that : http://server/repository/archive/zip/buildTypeId/bt16/buildId/lastFinished/index.html, I always got HTTP 404 error "Unable to find archive zip".
The pattern is "/repository/archive/<zip or jar archive>/buildTypeId/BUILD_TYPE_ID/buildId/(lastFinished|lastSuccessful|lastPinned)/index.html"

It's not clear what the "<zip or jar archive>" should be and I haven't find example.
When I used the "download all" link on the artifact page, it works like a charm.

Can someone have the answer for the url?

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Nobody has tried that with its server?

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Hello Sebastien,

  To obtain all artifact files as a zip file, use path like /downloadArtifacts.html?buildTypeId=bt457&buildId=lastFinished

    Kind regards,

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Thanks Kirill it works. It's just that the documentation make me wrong.
It doesn't seems to support the fullname as BuiltTypeId (<project name>::<build configuration name>) but I'll live without it.


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