Relationships amongst build configurations

Hi all,
that's my problem: I have a project with two different configurations: Debug and UnitTest. The second configuration is triggered only when the first one passes. After a while, I noticed that the build numbering of the two configurations tends to diverge, because sometimes the Debug configuration fails and so the UnitTest one is not triggered. Given this scenario, and looking at the builds history, it can be difficult to understand which Debug build triggered a specific UnitTest build; a simple workaround is to look at the build date/hour, but of course it's not the best solution.
Do you have any suggestion/advice?


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  I'd suggest to
  - add snapshot dependency UnitTest => Debug (i.e. UnitTest depends on Debug), see Dependencies tab for that
  - remove triggers from Debug configuration
  - add checkin trigger to UnitTest configuration (and remove old dependency trigger)

  In this case, in build results you'll be able to navigate between related UnitTest and Debug configurations.

  Hope this helps,

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Hi Kir,
thanks for your suggestion, it seems to work well!


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