No emails although configured correctly

Dear all,

I have set up the server for sending emails. It works when i use the "test connection" button. However when a build fails or succeeds I do not get any emails although I have configured not only the server but also the users notification setting.

It used to work onc or twice but now it stopped working. Is there any more I have to consider?
Or is there a log file where I can see if the mailing functionality was triggered after the build has finished?




What notification rules do you use?

Pavel Sher


I configured the following:

Builds you are watching: All projects

Send notification when:
- The build fails
- The build is successful
- Responsibility changes


That's strange. Take a look at server log (TeamCity/logs/teamcity-server.log). There should be logs from EMailNotificator.

Pavel Sher


I was searching on here to see if email logging has changed (we just upgraded to 4.0.2).

I have a user who isn't getting emails even though he is configured to get them. I looked in the teamcity-server.log, where I am accustomed to seeign log messages about who is receiving emails, but saw no such messages.

Did this get turned off by default? Is it possible to turn back on?


Can you provide a screenshot of this user notification rules? Are there other users who receive email notifications?


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