MSTest XML results file

Is there a way to display the MSTest xml results on the Team City dashboard?

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You can publish these files as artifacts, or you can convert them to html report, publish it and add report as custom tab on build results. If you want TeamCity to recognize tests from this file you can translate it into TeamCity service messages:

Pavel Sher

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      I am also getting same problem, but my problem is different. I am using some 3rd party test framework, which is not supported by the Teamcity. Now i am  able to import the test results as a separate tab to the Teamcity dashboard, but i want the test summary information. I saw your reply and you mentioned in your reply, we can process the html files and we can send the messages to teamcity.

Could you please let me know the procedure how to process the html files and how to send the messages to teamcity server.
I have read the documentation and i am clear about it. I am new to the teamcity tool.

Please help me, its very urgent issue



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