build A depends on build B AND build C

Question: Is there a way to configure TeamCity so that build config A is triggered by both
build config B AND build config C completing

In TeamCity I'm using build depenency triggers so that buildA depends on builds B and C.
The behavior I'm looking for is build A will begin after both build B AND build C complete successfully.
It seems the behavior TeamCity offers is: build A will begin after build B OR build C complete.

Also, when I go to BuildTriggers:Dependency and choose 'delete' on one of several dependencies I get
the confirmation dialog, I hit yes, and it says it is deleting, but the dependent configuration is never actually
deleted. Is this a known problem or something wrong with my installation?

I'm using TeamCity version 3.1.2 but I'm willing to upgrade  if this will solve my problem.


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Hello Bob,

  The upgrade will definitely will solve the problem. Please see description of the Dependency Snapshot feature:

  In general, you can setup dependency between A, B, C according to your rules. And when build A is triggered,
  this will require building build B and C.



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