Internal Server Error 500 while publishing artifact

And I was so close to finishing converting our build over to TeamCity. When the final installer is built, the artifact never shows up:


[12:07:29]: Build finished at May 7 2009 12:07 PM
[12:07:29]: Process exited with code 0
[12:07:29]: Publishing artifacts (9s)
[12:07:29]: [Publishing artifacts] Paths to publish: [<setup.exe>, teamcity-info.xml]
[12:07:29]: [Publishing artifacts] Publishing artifacts <setup.exe> to root artifacts directory
[12:07:38]: [Publishing artifacts] Failed to publish files: Failed to publish artifacts. Server status: 500 (Internal Server Error)
[12:07:38]: Build finished

Any ideas?

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Take a look at the teamcity-server.log, there should be an exception.

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OK, thanks. It seems my installer is too large, and I needed to tweak the "Maximum artifact size"


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