Test groupings explanation

We have upgraded to teamcity 4.5 and I have a question regarding test groupings.

There are 3 views:

1)  packages
2)  classes
3)  tests

What is the difference between 2 & 3?

In my tests view everything looks normal.  I have 1500 tests that have executed.
In my classes and packages view I have 635 tests with the name <Empty>.   This corresponds to a set of datadriven junit tests which dynamically set the test name.     What are the differences between where view #3 and view #1 & 2 grab the test name information?

Ruel Loehr

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  The point to separate class view and testname view was to view duration of the test class execution.
  So if test class runs 40 tests you can see the cumulative time of the test class execution (as well as number of tests in it).

  For cases when test name is autogenerated, the parsing algorithm for test name may glitch, and this may be your case.
  I'd appreciate if you file an issue to our tracker with example of test name you generate.



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