What is the url for accessing artifacts of builds tagged 'qa-ready'?

I want to copy the artifacts of certain builds to a unc share.  Devs will tag worthy builds with 'qa-ready'.  A dependent build config will occasionally poll TeamCity for the list of tagged builds, and download/copy them to the qa server.

All I need at this point is the form of that url.

Some notes:
I could implement this using pinning and the url to the last pinned build. But we want to use the pin feature for other things.
Unfortunately QA will not be accessing TeamCity for build download (which would negate the entire need for this).
If there is perhaps a better way to solve the "copy artifacts of worthy builds to QA share" problem, I'm listening.



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Hello Josh,

  Unfortunately, there such URL is not available.
  You can write a TeamCity extension, which would provide the list of the tagged builds. 

  For instance, you can write and register an additional ControllerAction for AjaxController.
  Or you can write an XML-RPC hander and register it in TeamCity via XmlRpcHandlerManager.

  In fact, you can even write an extension which would copy required artifacts to the required location.

  But unfortunately, there is no such functionality out of the box



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