Agent side checkout wont download artifacts

TC 4.5
I'm trying to run a build (b) configuration that has an artifact dependancy to another build (a).
When build b is set to aget side checkout the artifacts cannot get downloaded and save over the existing files

Resolving artifact dependencies (4s)
[17:00:07]: [Resolving artifact dependencies] Failed to download artifact dependency <Domain Publish :: Shared (last successful build)>: Failed to copy file "assemblies/IDT.Data.XML" to destination directory due to error: C:\TFSProd\Team City Build Agents\Agent 99\work\8944cbe3a4f8921a\assemblies\IDT.Data.XML (Access is denied)
[17:00:07]: [Resolving artifact dependencies] Failed to download 1 of 1 artifact dependencies
[17:00:07]: Artifacts resolving failed

If build b is set to server side checkout the artifact files will overwrite the existing files. However, I cannot run TF commands, as they can only be run when using agent side checkout.

Is there something I'm missing?


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The problem can be caused by read only status set by TFS if agent side checkout is used. Please submit an issue to our tracker:
As a workaround we could try to remove old file and write new one in place of it. But the question is, whether you need to checkin updated file back to TFS?

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Yes I need to check the overriden files back in.
Build A is building and testing library files. I want build B to grab those files and then check into a different vcs project.

Is there perhaps a different way to do this?



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