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Hi there,

I'm new to Team City and finding it difficult to get started.
I've installed the server on a Linux box and can't find how to install a new agent for Linux (on the same machine).
All agent installer information I see leads me to install on MS Windows.  Fine, so I guess I just have to user the "Defualt Agent".
My second problem is that I want to run a build with a Linux command but the command is in the home directory of a different user.
TeamCity is installed as user "teamcity" and runs into permission trouble attempting to run scripts as my user "tomcat".
I've looked for documentation to address this issue but seem to find myself back at the same lame explanation of what is an agent and so forth.
Please help if only to point me at some half decent explanations of how to set things up on a Linux box with local and/or distributed Linux agents.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hello Stan,

  Please follow the docs for setting up a new build agent:




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