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Is it possible to disable the Jabber (and the email) notifier in TC 4.5? We were using GTalk at one point, so we were using the Jabber notifier. Now we are not using GTalk any more. All of the fields for the Jabber notifier are required, so I can't leave them blank. I set the Jabber server to 'a', but that seems like a not-so-good way to do it. I also noticed errors in the log that TC could not find the Jabber server 'a'. Obviously, this doesn't really cause an issue, but it seems like there should be a checkbox to enable/disable the notifier.

Also, does the Jabber notifier support encryption?

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Right now there are two ways to disable Jabber notifications:
- specify incorrect Jabber settings, but you will see exceptions in the log if someone subscribed to Jabber notifications
- if you are using TeamCity 4.5 you can remove all Jabber notification rules from the users via the administration UI

Feel free to submit feature request to disable notifications right on the Jabber settings.

As for encryption, it should be supported, feel free to submit issues if you experience problems with it.


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