Failed to create build checkout directory with Perforce

Using Perforce as my source control server, I am getting the error Failed to create build checkout directory

I just installed the latest team city server for windows.  It was an upgrade from 4.0.   I am using Perforce with a client mapping and synching to a specific folder.

Prior to the upgrade, bits would sync with no issues. 

Just looking for additional ideas as to how to solve this.


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More Data...

I cleared the checkout directory on the version control settings.  I noticed that the sync of 90MB of data occurred in a few seconds which usualy is about 10 to 15 mins.

Behavior is as if the P4 server thinks all bits are up to date.   I did try to create a brand new vcs_root and tried again with same results.

Seems as if dead wood is left somewhere and I need to clean folders?


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Hello Keith,

  Please try option "Enforce clean checkout" in the Actions menu in toolbar on Build Configuration page.

  Hope, this helps,


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