Build number format and removing certain users from changelist


I was wondering if there was a way to copy the changelist number from a previous build config.

For example, I have a build config which syncs to Perforce, and then triggers a series of build configs.  I used {build.vcs.number.1} in the build number format for all of tem so that I can get the changelist number from perforce as my build number; however, when there are new changelist that goes in while the build configuration is syncing, the next build configurations which starts to build the projects takes a newer changelist but does not actually have the files.  If I can copy the build number format and changelist from the sync build config, it would make it sense, but is it possible?

My second quesiton:
I have a build config, that deploys the compiled executable back into perforce, and a build config, that syncs new changelist from perforce.

I used -:user=Builduser;root=VCSdepot:/** in the Build Trigger Rules, so that it won't automatically trigger when the Teamcity Agent submits the executables, which works, but is there anything I could set in the "edit checkout rules" in the Version Control Settings, so that I can exclude this builduser from the changelist on Teamcity?


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