Add a Release Button on TeamCity

We want the ability to be able to run different builds for the one repository.

For example the default build would be the development build and to say have a
user configurable button where we can trigger a release build.

I know I can do this by duplicating each project in TeamCity but we already have too
many projects in there as it is without duplicating more projects.

Is it possible to customize the gui with user configurable buttons where we can configure
different build scripts on the same project?

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I have a similar problem.

To some extent you can do this already, just specify a system property and have your build runner (in my case MSBuild) recognise the property and apply it to the build process. Your scheduled build will use the default value but you could override it when kicking off the build manually when presented with the 'Run Custom Build' dialog.

Unfortunately you can do this only when running the build manually, ideally it would be very useful if I could specify the value for a system property when setting up a build schedule.

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Can't you just do this by creating a new build configuration for your release, and setting the property in your runner configuration? For example, we have a continuous build configuration and a demo release configuration, which just has a different runner config (in our case we call a different Ant target, but we could call the same one with a different param). We can schedule that demo release in the same way as any other build config.

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I could, but I have the build split already into 4 different build configurations for various reasons, if I need to double the number of build configurations just to set 1 variable that means I go from 4 to 8. If I take build numbering into account I will then need to add another 4 build configurations since I would want to use the same build sequence for the builds, that will take me to 12 build configurations from my original 4.

Although doable, I don't think that's pretty. Ideally all I want to do is to trigger a 'dev' build whenever the code is checked in and then schedule a nightly 'production' build. If I could do this by setting a value for a variable in the schedule I can significantly reduce the number of build configurations needed and therefore the complexity of the build process.


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