Version Control Settings

I'm using SubVersion as my VCS, and my VCS Checkout Mode is "Automatically on Agent".  Typically my VCS Connection URL is:


However sometimes I wish to repeat a previous build, in which case the URL would need to read something like this:


where is the build number of the previous build, which is provided as a property at runtime.

Is this possible?  If so, I'm not clear how.

Can anyone give me some pointers?

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Hello Ken,

  I think that currently the only way is to copy your build configuration and to point the copy to the modified VCS root (or use other checkout rules).

  Currently, Teamcity doesn't allow to have variables in the VCS roots or checkout rules. We have a corresponding request in our tracker.

  Kind regards,

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Thanks for your response, KIR. I'm disappointed there is no functionality to achieve what I'm asking for.

Most of my builds are at present "Do not check out files automatically", and all checkouts are done explicitly in my ANT script.

I had hoped TeamCity could automate this for me, but it looks like I shall have to continue with the method I am currently using.


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