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I love the teamcity statistics report tabs. I have added several reports to it and enjoy having the statistics at my fingertips for all build configurations. However, it would be very nice if I were able to export the statistics page as a csv or other format so that I can manipulate them for presentation. I know I have access to things like the emma code coverage artifacts etc. but this would mean trawling the artifacts to get my information.
I am not sure if there is already a way to achieve this in Teamcity (I'm currently using 4.0.2). I have searched the documentation and the forums and can't find anything that looks like what I am after.

If there is not a way, would the dev team consider this a future enhancement?

thanks in advance

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  I suppose you may be interested in watching http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issue2/TW-5504 and http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issue2/TW-5960

  Kind regards,

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excellent, thanks. meanwhile there is speak of a plugin in TW-5960 I'll look at that as well.


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