Can not connect to remote subversion repository while behind proxy server

Hi I'm attempting to try out TeamCity at work, but I'm not getting very far as I can't connect to our subversion repository.

The repository is on a different site and the site I am working from uses a proxy server and the URL we use starts with https

I usually access it using TortoiseSVN, with the proxy details set in its Settings -> Network section.

However for TeamCity I was told I'd have to set the values in subversions serevers file.

So I editted the [global] section and set the values for:


I'd originaly set these incorrectly (left the spaces at the front) and TortoiseSVN stopped working, fixed that and Tortoise is all happy again.

However when I try to set up a New VCS Root in TeamCity and hit the Test connection button I get a dialog button with the following message

  svn: OPTIONS request failed on 'repository_name'

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong / missing out?

Cheers, Argos

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Hello Jason,

  Could you please check if you have option "Use default config directory" enabled for your VCS root?
  If this is the case, please file a bug to our issue tracker at and please provide debug information
  as described at



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  We also have an issue in our tracker, if you believe you have the same problem,
  please watch/vote for it.


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Sorry but I'm back on the site where the repository lives (and also on another project!) so I can no longer try that.

I might end up back on the problem site in the next few months, if I do I'll give it another go and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for trying to help,



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