New to Team City: no .svn folder created by checkout

I am just starting to use Team City and having looked at the documentation and searched the discussion threads I could find nothing about this:

I am using a sub version. I have managed to get Team City to checkout all the source code of my project. However this 'checkout' does not include the .svn folders that sub version always requires. Hence what is produced is not really a true checkout it is more an export, on which no sub version commands will work. As my build depends on some svn commands running successfully, I cannot proceed.

How can I configure TeamCity to always include the .svn folders?



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If you set VCS Checkout Mode to "Automatically on agent (if supported by VCS roots)," the client workspace will be a true svn working copy with the .svn folders intact.  If you use "Automatically on server," then only the source code will be pushed to the agent and you will not have the .svn directories.  Of course, if you use "Do not checkout files automatically" then it will be entirely controlled by your own build process.

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Thanks Mark, that resolves the problem


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