Documentation issue: Starting TeamCity 4.5.4 on CentOS for the first time: tar.gz distribution & SUN JDK


I have successfully installed TeamCity 4.5.4. When I installed product I found out, that the first invocation of start shutdowns server at the end. So server must be restarted for successfull start of the application. I think this should be documented in Installation notes in similar fashion:
Note: After first invocation of start script server goes to shudown for maintanenance purposes. You must issue server restart for application to start successfully.

I. start server
$ start
When I looked at the log file ../logs/teamcity-server.log, everything seemed normal without exceptions. But when I tried to open URL http://localhost:8111 I got error: HTTP 404. When I looked at the log, server shutdown command is executed:
  jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Server shutdown complete

II. restart:
./bin/ stop
./bin/ start
After this I could open the application without any problems. I am attaching file teamcity-server.log.

III. 2nd restart for check:
./bin/ stop
./bin/ start
Again, application opened without problems. So it seems to me that the first time, when application is started, server goes to shutdown. Only after first restart it is possible to open the application.


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