Csc.exe timing out on agent builds

I was wondering if anyone had encountered anything like the current issue, and could offer any advice or suggestions?

I'm running TeamCity 4.0.1 build 8171 on Windows Server 2003 SP2.
Our agents run on Windows XP SP3, except for one which runs on the same machine as theTeamCity server.

We have a TeamCity server and 8 associated agents, on of which runs on the same machine as the server. All agents run all builds without note, except for the buildagent located on the buildserver, which hangs while running tests involving TypeMock Isolator run via the TeamCity NUnitLauncher. This is the only agent that hangs runnign this build, all others complete. The underlying cause (according to the build log) is that the NUnit launcher timed out waiting for csc.exe to run - please see the attached build log for full details and trace.

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Do you have .NET Framework 2.0 installed on the build agent where the issue reproduces. Does it runs x64 Windows? Is that possible to exclude csc.exe from the list of processes that TypeMock should profile? Actually csc.exe is called implicitly by XmlSerializer. What user account is used to start build agent service? Try runinng build agent under some local administrator account.


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