Upgraded to 4.5 Enterprise, can't create Build Agents

I am a bit new to this product, as I wasn't involved when we started our analysis/research.  As we prepare to move to expand beyond the test phase with Team City we have updated from 4.1 professional to 4.5 enterprise.   All of our build info is there, but I am unable to create "Install Build Agents". 

Connected Agents, Disconnected Agents, and unauthorized Agents all say 0.

Under the Unauthorized Build Agents tab it says "There are no unauthorized agents found.  Agent licenses left: 3.". 

I go to Connected Agents and click on the "MS Windows Installer" link under Install Build Agents.   Everything seems to go fine: no errors, no comments about not finding the server.. it all looks good.   But after it completes I still have no Build Agents.   Tried refreshing the screen and closing/re-opening IE to no avail.    Seems like a pretty straightforward process - am I missing a step?

Running on a Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), RAM and HD space are not a problem.   We are installing/running on D: rather than C:

Any thoughts would be apprecaited,   Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Lou Syracuse
Software Development Team Lead
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Sioux Falls, SD

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Please disregard.     I unstalled/reinstalled and the Build Agent is there now and we're up and running!


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