Externals not being checkout out on VCS root?

I have a VCS root which has an svn:externals property defined on the root folder itself.  Despite the fact that I have the VCS configuration set to pay attention to externals, the external isn't appearing on my build agent.

For example, if the root URL is https://svn.mycompany.com/svn/Project1 and the Project1 folder has an svn:externals property defined as "^/Shared Shared", the Shared subfolder with the external never appears in the work directory on the build agent.

This is not an authentication issue as the external is just a sibling directory on the same repository.

I'm running TeamCity 4.5 Professional latest and the external does appear when I do a normal svn checkout using a regular client on my workstation.  I'm using a separate build agent.

Is this known behavior?  Is it not possible to use an external on the VCS root itself?



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Hello Ted,

  I'm sorry for the delay with the answer.
  Do you have externals enabled on the Subversion configuration screen in TeamCity? We have a separate option to enable externals processing.

  What kind of checkout mode do you use?  Externals should work both for server-side checkout and for agent checkout (the latter is preferred).

  I've just tried to reproduce the problem locally, but it works just fine.

  Kind regards,


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