Teamcity Build agent service is blocked by the personal firewall


     I have installed Teamcity build agent on one of the windows machine, which is connected in the network. But, i was unable to run the service on that machine because my network contains the personal firewall and it is blocking the Teamcity build agent. Could you please let me know "how to starts the service on that machine with out disabling the personal firewall settings".

     I have installed the service on that machine with my network credentials but i am not what is the exact problem.

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In order for the TeamCity agent to work you should ensure the agnet process (java.exe) is able to open outbound HTTP connections to the server address (the same address you use in the browser to view TeamCity UI) and accept inbound HTTP connections from the server to the port specified as "ownPort" property in "<TeamCIty agent home>\conf\" file. By default the ownPort is 9090.


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