How do I make maven build stop?

I'm not English-speaking peoples so it may difficult to understand...but here I go.

I'm trying to make a zip file with maven.
If there are some changes in SVN then TeamCity build it whith maven and deploy to private Nexus repository.
I did this things, but after a maven build works it doesn't stop.....
Right now, I have to make it stop manually.

I checked project settings but I didn't find anything about this. ( probably there is but I'm not familiar with this tool )

So how do I make maven build stop automatically?


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Could you please provide the runner settings (a screenshot would be enough) and the build log

Thank you

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Thanks to reply Sergey.

Here is the capture about Build Runner.

And this is a does same build work again and again and


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The build log indicates that the build has successfully finished.

In the initial message you stated that the build doesn't stop automatically.
Does it mean that

1.) a particular build doesn't finish even the log ends with the "Build finished" clause until you press stop, or
2.) a build finishes well but then starts again when you don't want it to?

If the second is true, then you should disable triggering by time, which in your case is set to "Daily at 17:00".
This can be done at "Build Triggering" page.

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Finally I figured out what was wrong....
It was the only project, but I set "This configuration depends on" part to itself up at "Build Triggering"

After I deleted this configuration, it works normally...

Anyway thanks to your help.
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This came to my mind yesterday and I was going to ask you about it. I'm glad the problem is solved.


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