How to clear TeamCity TFS Workspace Mappings


I'm having tremendous troubles with getting the TeamCity TFS checkout on agent working with the latest 4.5.4 build.  In the process I've removed workspace mappings to try and create things from scratch but it now seems like TeamCity remembers the workspace mapping and does not try and create it from scratch if it is not there.  Where does TeamCity store this mapping and how can I get rid of these workspace mappings so that it would create a new set of mappings so that I can further troubleshoot the build issues?


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Please refer to TFS tf.exe commanline client to remove all workspace mappings. Please note, pappings are create for machine and for user, thus it's necessary to change to the right user. TeamCity creates workspaces under using the credential VCS root from settings.

Have a look to tf.exe manual, workspaces command



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