Feature request: Promote build to official release

Once a build comes out, and is manually tested, certified, or otherwise goes through the gauntlet that precedes release testing, it would be great if I could select a particular build and have a set of operations on it that included "Promote to release", which might be implemented by settings in the build configuration to do perhaps any/all of the following

  1. Run an additional MSBuild target (which would do all the work)
  2. FTP commands to upload
  3. Other custom code to upload the build artifacts to some arbitrary hosting server
  4. Update a wiki
  5. Send an announcement email with the contents of the README file or something in the checked out project.

You get the idea.  Some of these are obviously easier than others.  But it can be a tedious and repetitive process (albeit not that often) to get a release going.  Team City is ideally situated to help make that an easy process if the release is just a "Release to Web" operation.

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You can already do that with build/artefact dependencies and pinned builds.

What we do is create a build type called "release" that is only run manually (i.e. has no VCS or scheduled triggers) that depends on the latest pinned build of our automatic build.  The release build depends on the deployable packages and deployment scripts that the automatic build creates as artefacts.

When we have a build that we want to release (has been automatically tested) we pin it and run the release build.  The build script of the release build pushes the packages and deployment scripts out to the staging environment, ssh's into the staging environment and runs the deployment scripts.  After that another automated process, which Team City is not involved in, takes over to push from staging to production.


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