How do dependencies work for custom builds

If I run a custom build for a configuration (selecting the ... on the "run" button) and I choose and old label, it's not clear to me how that change for that specific build configuration would apply to the other build configurations that are part of that same project. So, if I tell the compile configuration to use and old labeled version, will all the other configurations use that as their scope?

Generally, I need to know how best I can tell a whole project to build for a prior labeled version.


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If you choose to create a so called history build (a build which uses not the latest changes) and this build depends by snapshot dependency on other builds then for dependencies TeamCity will try to find the latest change made before the selected change one and use these changes revisions to obtain the source code.

Note that this is only true for snapshot dependencies because such dependencies require sources synchronization. Also note that history builds usually require clean checkout on agents (full sources transfer) because history builds require older sources than the sources currently stored on agents.


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