Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.5 with external SQL Server database

Hello and thank you in advance

I am posting this question because I was unable to find the information in the docs nor discussion groups.

I have TeamCity 4.0.1 with an external SQL server database. My team wants to leverage the impressive new security features of 4.5.

The problem is, the build history and the configrations are important and cannot be lost in the upgrade.

I am reading that I should uninstall the previous version of TeamCity, and install the newer version. My question is, once I have installed 4.5, how do I upgrade my sql server database?

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TeamCity stores configuration data in a separate place (.BuildServer directory) and all data are preserved when you uninstall TeamCity. When you install newer TeamCity version you should point the installer to the .BuildServer directory (if you have custom place) and when new version of TC server starts it will upgrade database and settings automatically.

The only thing you need to do before upgrade is to perform backup of your .BuildServer directory and database data.

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Just for the record, Pavel responded to this question in less than 15 minutes after I posted it! Very impressive!

Thank you Pavel I will attempt an upgrade in the next few days and mark this answer as successful once I am done.


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