Moving the team city server

Hi,   Are there any instructions out there on how to move the team city server from one drive to another?   Is it the same as when you upgrade?

Can we just move the folder C:\Program Files\TeamCity\BuildServer\system\messages  to another location?

Our message folder gets pretty big with log files and makes us run out of space.  If we could relocate this one folder we would be in good shape.


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A way that would certainly work is to create a mount point in Windows.
I have done this with Windows Server 2003, not sure if its supported by the non Server varities like XP.

I also searched through my TC config files and I see a number of XML files with 'buildserver' in them but none look like they have a path,
My guess its in the DB.
Since you can add multiple build servers maybe you could just move the BuildServer directory to another partition or machine,
then add a new build server through the GUI interface. Do this by clicking on the Agents-> 'Install build Agents'

(See )

But of course backup the BuildServer directory first !

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You can set the property to change the directory TeamCity uses to store its configuration and artifacts. I've setup our server to specify a specific directory but would like another configuration property for the artifacts directory. The following page in the docs should help.



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