JIRA integration, TC5 EAP

I've installed TC5 and run through the JIRA configuration page.  However, although TC seems to be picking up the JIRA checkin comments, hovering over the little down-arrow to the right hand side of the linked issue name just produces "Issue not found".

In the file changes, all the issues look like this (project name and link changed for this posting):


Clicking the link takes me to the correct JIRA page.  I certainly have not see a screen similar to the one shown in the release notes ( http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/download/attachments/15802980/issuestab.jpg ).

Is there anything I can check to ensure that communication between TC and JIRA is working correctly?


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Hi Nick,

In last EAP there was a bug concerning Jira authentication (already fixed), so it is probable that you can see the issue from browser (because you're logged in to Jira), but TeamCity can't fetch it.
The next EAP should be available in 2 weeks.

Everything should work for Jira projects that are publicly available.



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