Failure Audit when connecting to TFS


we use TeamCity together with TeamFoundationServer. TeamCity connects to TFS, using an AD-User, every 60 seconds to check for changes.
Although the connections work, we get failure-audits on our domain-server:

Event Type:    Failure Audit
Event Source:    Security
Event Category:    Account Logon
Event ID:    675
Date:        11.08.2009
Time:        07:36:16
Computer:    <SERVERNAME>
Pre-authentication failed:
     User Name:    <USERNAME>
     User ID:        <DOMAIN>\<USERNAME>
     Service Name:    krbtgt/<DOMAIN>
     Pre-Authentication Type:    0x0
     Failure Code:    0x19
     Client Address:    <IPADDRESS>

You can work around this issue by turning off the kerberos pre-authentication, but that's not the best solution.
Is there a possibility to fix this issue? Has anyone else expirienced this behavior?


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Seems you have registered TeamCity server service to run under SYSTEM account - that is default for installer.
TFS options support a feature to use TFS implicit NTLM authentification that is enabled if username and password fields are blank.

Please change either service running accout or setup username/password for all TFS VCS roots



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