Unable to restore my data to a new installation


I just upgrade my TeamCity 4.5 to TeamCity 4.5.4. Before upgrading, i had TeamCity bundled with web server, but now i choose to use my own server. So i have TeamCity War in Tomcat deployed. It works fine, but i cannot restore my data.

I have backuped the "TeamCity Data Directory" as mentioned in the documentation, but i cannot restore it.

In the server configuration, i saw that the data directory is : C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\.BuildServer but there is not .BuildServer directory here.I also try to search for .BuildServer directories, but i cannot found one...

So how can i restore the data from my old installation to the new TeamCity installation deployed in Tomcat ?

Thank you very much

Baptiste Wicht

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If you have a backup of TeamCity data directory you can put it into some place and make environment variable TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH point to this directory. Then you will need to restart  servlet container where TeamCity is deployed.

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It works great !

thank you very much


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